Romantic Destinations

Exploring the world's most Romantic Destinations!

If you and your partner are looking for time away together, whether it's for your honeymoon, anniversary or a vacation just to spice things up, there are plenty of places the world has to offer. Of course, choosing a place to visit can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers, so it is very important to do your research before riding a plane to Timbuktu.

Honeymoon Destinations: When you say honeymoon, this doesn't necessarily mean you should be newlyweds. However, since most honeymoon packages are given to the newlyweds as gifts, these packages can be pricey. But if you have money to spend, you can treat yourself with a honeymoon package that includes two-way tickets, accommodation with complete meals, free spa treatments, a romantic dinner and guided tours. Two of the best honeymoon destinations is found in France and the other in California. In Camargue France, you can witness as the Mediterranean beaches glow during sunset, while the Neppa Valley in California boasts some of the best wine and superb dining in the United States.

Romantic Cruises: One of the most romantic things to do is to go on a cruise. Whether you wish to see Caribbean destinations or just experience quick cruises near your city, going on a cruise allows you to relax and see amazing sunrise and sunsets glimmering on the water. Most cruise packages also offers spa treatments, good dining and other leisure activities to make your trip an all-inclusive relaxing getaway.

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Beach Destinations: If you like to spend a romantic weekend on a beach, choosing just one destination can be hard. Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia and many more offers plenty of beach options for you to choose from - the decision would depend largely on your time availability, budget and personal taste. If you can spare a week off from work and you have saved up enough money, you can visit another country and explore exotic beaches. However, don't be discouraged if you have limited funds because you can always choose a nearby beach, rent a room and still enjoy the trip with your loved one.

Winter Destinations: One of the best times to go on a trip with your loved on is during winter. However, it can be tricky to select a destination because the backdrop changes due to the chilly weather. You can go to Amsterdam and walk with your partner hand-in-hand along the beautifully lit streets as you explore the ancient architecture and spectacular churches. The best thing about traveling during winter is you need to cuddle up with your partner all the time.

If you wish to become adventurous and visit other countries, you can go on romantic tours and explore the Wild Flower Hall in India, visit the 2,000 Buddhist temples in Kyoto Japan, witness the old villages in the Cinque Terre Italy, experience the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal or visit the charming Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. If you're looking for cheap destinations, compare the packages online and choose the best one for your budget.